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J.J, Ward, MEd, RRT in Respiratory Care


R.A.L.E.® Lung Sounds 3.2

Platform: Microsoft Windows (not available for Mac OS)
Sound card: 16-bit sound card or better
Audio: Best used with headphones or hi-fi audio speakers
Price: All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

The program is available as an ~11MB download. When you purchase one of the following you will receive a download link along with your registration name, registration key and instructions.
Orders are usually processed within 48 hours.

R.A.L.E. Lung Sounds Professional Edition
Licensed to an individual for personal use.

US$ 49.00
R.A.L.E. Lung Sounds Institutional Edition
Licensed to a company or institution for installation on a single PC.

US$ 195.00
R.A.L.E. Lung Sounds Site License
Licensed for installation on any number of PCs, providing they are permanently located at the offices, grounds, and/or campus of the licensing company or institution. Refer to the Site License.

US$ 995.00