"a powerful learning tool..."

J.J, Ward, MEd, RRT in Respiratory Care


Reviews of R.A.L.E.® Lung Sounds

[Version 3.12] "This is an outstanding educational tool. It is extremely easy to use and the high definition audio of the various breath sounds is life-like."

Steven Hamick, BIS, RRT, AE-C in Doody's Book Reviews [2009]

[Version 3.1] "R.A.L.E. Lung Sounds is a powerful learning tool... for both individuals who are beginning their study of chest auscultation and educational programs for nurses, respiratory therapists, and physicians."

Jeffrey J, Ward, MEd, RRT in Respiratory Care [2005]

[Version 3.0] "I highly recommend this product to educators who desire a better understanding of lung sounds for their students, to managers of respiratory care departments who are looking for ways to educate their staff on bedside patient assessment, and to clinicians who care for patients with chest diseases"

Robert L. Wilkins, RRT, PhD, FAARC in Respiratory Care [2002]

[Version 3.0] "An exceptional teaching and learning tool... useful for nurses desiring to gain or improve their knowledge and skill related to lung sounds."

Darrell Owens, PhD, RN, CHPN in CIN PLUS [2002]

[Version 2.0] "R.A.L.E. Lung Sounds is extremely well designed."

Debra Hastings and Suzanne C. Beyea, RN, PhD in Computers in Nursing [1997]

[Version 1.0] "The program itself is beautiful... The instruction manual is scarcely required as all information is covered on screen..." 

David Bullimore, MD and colleagues in Medical Education [1995]

[Version 1.0] "R.A.L.E. is superbly documented and logical in its operation, accurate in content, clear in its presentation of sounds, and vividly displayed..."

Anne G. Russo, RN, MSN in Focus on Critical Care [1991]

[Version 1.0] "We highly recommend this package as an excellent, inexpensive educational tool for respiratory therapy and medical schools."

Steve Nelson, MS RRT and Paul Enright, MD in Respiratory Care [1990]